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Sand for your construction and reclamation needs

Isaton Sand Trading is the fastest growing supplier of sand and other landfill materials for all construction and reclamation needs here in the Philippines. Our company supply construction and reclamation sand for real estate industry and a number of government infrastructure projects.

We export to other countries in the Southeast Asian region as well as to China, Japan and South Korea.

Our main source of supply comes sand-rich rivers all across the country from Zambales province in the North to Albay to Cotabato, Agusan, and Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao down South. We have access to a vast supply of quality sand for construction and reclamation use.

But more importantly, we have the experience, capability, necessary permits (like the Environmental Compliance Certificate-ECC, Industrial-SAD, and Gravel-ISAG Quarry Permit, Export Permit, etc), and documentary requirements (like the Assay Report, etc.) needed to facilitate the transactions.


Reclamation & Construction Materials

Construction Sand

Construction Sand

Reclamation Sand

Reclamation Sand in Zambales

Armour Rock

Armour Rock

Source of Reclamation Materials

Reclamation projects usually source sea sand to fill in their projects. However, because of environmental concerns, government restricted companies from dredging sea sand. Marine sand, on the other hand, is found from the tip of the river near the sea up to a few meters back and the quality of which is the same as that of sea sand. Harvesting such does not have too much negative impact on the environment and in most cases beneficial to the surrounding community by prevents floods and promoting the continuous flow of water to the sea.

Source of Construction Sand

The Philippines is a country rich in natural resources where there is a large amount of river and beach sand. However, with the peak of construction and infrastructure developments going on, sourcing of sand from these places would be harmful to the environment. Therefore, the use of alternative sources such as crushed sand rocks and mountain rocks are used as alternative for the fine aggregates in concrete. There are many quarry sites all over the country but Isaton Sand Trading already has tie-ups with the major river quarry sites to ensure steady supply.


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