Isaton Sand - Reclamation Sand Supplier

Isaton Sand Trading

Isaton Sand Trading is the fastest growing supplier of construction and reclamation sand and other landfill materials for all building projects in the Asia Pacific Region. We cater to both private and government institutions whether local or foreign.

We export to countries in the Southeast Asian regions as well as to other countries like China, Japan and South Korea.

Our source of supply comes from all over the country from Zambales in the North to Albay down to Cotabato, Agusan and Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao down South.

We make sure that the sand we provide are of the best quality and most suitable for our client’s construction and land reclamation needs.

Company Mission

To be able to supply the best quality construction and reclamation sand, rock and other related materials to our clients in the most timely and efficient manner. To be able to conduct each business transaction in the most professional and equitable manner that will be mutually beneficial to all parties concerned.

Company Vision

To be one of the major players in the industry and regarded as among the most reliable supplier of construction and reclamation sand, rocks and other related construction materials in the region. To be able to grow the company and be among the major contributors to the growth of the infrastructure and economy of the Asia Pacific region.

Core Values

Isaton Sand Trading’s goal has always been to deliver our customer’s needs in to most efficient, convenient and timely manner. Aside from having the satisfaction of being an important contributor for our client’s projects, we aim to make sure that every transaction it enters into is a win-win proposition to parties concerned.

We aspire to have long term business relationships with our client by making sure that they will always be satisfied by the goods and services we offer.

Adhere to the international best practice for corporate governance consistent with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Government Rules and Regulations and Pertinent Laws in the Philippines and the nations in the Asia Pacific Region are likewise being applied by our organization.